Friskare Skogsvatten / Healthier forest waters
An infomentary about the water in the forest, aiming to help forest owners take care of their land in a way that preserves healthy streams and lakes for future generations to come.

Producer / Director: Amanda Björk
Cinematographers: Martin Gärdemalm,  Linus Andersson, Maja Dennhag, Amanda Björk, Mattias Andersson
aerial cinematographer: Henning Sandström, Mattias Andersson
Sound: Linda Iro, Amanda Björk, Martin Gärdemalm
Speaker: Elin Thelberg
Storyboard: Janne Widmark
Animation: Soja Film
Graphic: Vilma Larson
Soundmix: A&O Recording Studio
Client: Länsstyrelsen
Producer Kreator: Hanna Westerlind.
Producer Plakat: Elisabeth Berndes.

A film by Lampray on assignment for Plakat & Kreator.