Inuti Diamanten

Inside the Diamond

Feature/Hybrid - Ethno-fiction - 72 min - Colour HD
Swedish dialogue, English subtitles

Directed by Viktor Johansson - 2020

Slacker comedy meets psychedelic ethnography in a poetic depiction of the inner lives of youths in a Swedish village after the disaster.

International premiere at CPH:DOX march 2020:

“When the local diamond factory in the Swedish town of Robertsfors was closed a few years ago, it put an end to a large number of the jobs that the town depended on. The director Viktor Johansson has followed life in the town after this loss, and the result is one of the funniest and quirkiest films to come out of Sweden in recent years. The mine is haunted. Corals are growing outside the state-run alcohol shop. Indeed, owls are not what they pretend to be in this portrayal of the inner lives of orphans, self-harming teenage girls and unemployed immigrants, who make up the town's surviving group of self-proclaimed diamond people. 'Inside the Diamond' is not an ordinary documentary, but rather a piece of stoned, psychedelic ethnography, which lets its protagonists do their own performances. It is this elimination of the differences – and the accompanying power structures – between the director and his protagonists that adds a vibrant vitality to each of the film's scenes. A small, rough diamond of a film, which breathes new hope into the future of hybrid films.”