"My People - the Sami People" is a short film made to give the people of Europe a glimpse of the sami culture.

The film will be used in the campaign "Caught by Umeå" and on the website of Umeå2014 where it will be a part of an introduction to the 8 Sami seasons, which is how the capital of cultures program is divided.

The film is produced by Kreator in cooperation with Lampray. Client: Umeå2014 - European capital of culture.

Director Linus Andersson
Script Linus Andersson & Åsa Simma
Cinematographer Martin Gärdemalm
Narrator Åsa Simma
Line producer Hanna Westerlind
Production managing Amanda Björk & Linus Andersson
Music by Transjoik "Zun Gu" (Fjellheim/Johansen), Vuelie 2004