Short - drama/horror - 23 min - Colour HD
no dialogue 

Directed by Ludvig Stolterman - 2016
Full film & album available for free at http://www.lulin.se

The film is also available at drakenfilm.se (only in Sweden).

On a barren field next to his house a man sees something he can’t explain. Is he crazy if he accepts that he saw something supernatural or is he crazy if he denies it? Lulin is a low paced thriller dealing with the basic human fear of experiencing the unexplainable.
It started with a noise on the roof and subtle creaking in the walls. It was an autumn night, and Ludvig was currently living alone in the old bakers cabin on his mother’s farm. The strange noises frightened him, but he was all alone and simply had to deal with it. If you see or hear something that is unexplainable, and you have no one there to share it with – what do you do?

Together with best friends Jonatan and Martin, this slowly grew into an idea, and a mystical being called Lulin. Six years later, this idea has developed into both film and music. Lulin is the joint creation of electronic duo Gidge, film production company Lampray, together with arts platform NORR. Usually, a film comes with a soundtrack and an album comes with music videos, but we wanted the film and the music to be separate, yet still strongly connected. Everything is filmed close to where we grew up, and more specifically, right where Gidge recorded most of the sounds for their debut album Autumn Bells.

Directed by Ludvig Stolterman Produced by Martin Gärdemalm, Lampray
Co-produced by Film i Västerbotten Music by Gidge Released March 18 2016