Short - drama - 12 min - Colour HD - English dialogue 
Directed by Viktor Johansson - 2017

Gothenburg film festival 2017 (nominated for Startsladden)

Hamburg short film festival 2017
Uppsala short film festival
Stockholm film festival 2017 (nominated for 1 km film)
Watch at drakenfilm.se (only in Sweden)

Stranded rises like a mirage in a landscape of social realism. A short film about insane hope. Sometimes it doesn't matter what exactly is keeping you moving forward. In a dreamy montage we try to follow the trail of refugee Tariq. A young man who's managed to stay naive through his hellish journey.

In contrast to Tariq we meet the Nathalie, hardened and cynical she's on the run from her own family.
She doesn't believe in anything amazing at all, her cold north is what it's always been, and it certainly doesn't harbour some promised land island. Who's helping whom? Who can afford to dream?

There are similarities between the Swedish emigrants' letters and text messages of modern day refugees. It turns out that both paints a glorified picture of their country of arrival, America and Sweden. No one wants to worry their families.

This is where the myth of a promised land in the Gulf of Bothnia comes from. A myth about a no mans land, or more accurately, an all mans land, where refugees can't be deported. Much like America, where immigrants can cultivate the land and create a community.

With Stranded, Viktor Johansson, who received high praise for his debut feature Under Gottsunda, continues to delve into the mindscape of outcasts.